The Government has introduced a mandatory Transparency Code from 1 April 2016 for smaller authorities with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000. Turnover is defined as the higher of an authority’s gross income or gross expenditure for the year. The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities requires the online publication of key information to provide taxpayers with a clear picture of the Council’s activities, spending and governance to increase democratic accountability. To view the accounts for a particular financial year as required under the Transparancy Code, please click on the relevant sub pages attached to this page. To view the Council’s Standing Orders click here To view the Council’s Financial Regulations click here

The Parish Council have requested a precept of £16,920 for the financial year 2018-2019 (please see November 2017 minutes for further information on how this figure was reached), as detailed in the below table from Canterbury City Council:


2018/19 Grant

2018/19 Precept

Total Funding


£    45.29

 £    16,920.00

 £  16,965.29

Asset Register
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